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Isaiah Berlin


The Crooked Timber Of Humanity

Humanity has a deep instinct for competition and conflict. Isaiah Berlin spoke of this as a central problem in the work of the liberal state. It must contain different world-views without any realistic hope of resolving the inevitable conflicts between them.

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Does Marx View A Moral Progress In History?

Few thinkers have had as powerful an intellectual impact on human life as Karl Marx. His work was a prodigious attempt to derive the laws that govern the behaviour of human beings, to understand what men are and how they come to act as they do. Read more


Utopian Thinking In Habermas’s Normative Theory

Jürgen Habermas is an immensely influential figure within social and political theory. The ambition of his grand theory, his preoccupation with the formation of democracy, the belief that change in civil society can contest the domination of instrumental reason, has fuelled his intellectual career. Read more